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Terms and Conditions


The provision of services given by BTS-SHORTLINK, to the user (end user), the data contribution service and the value-added services requested by the end user.


BTS-SHORTLINK, does not store the information of the cards provided. We use Stripe and the POS Onlineof our bank in question as a payment gateway and making recurring charges for the hiring of some services offered by BTS-SHORTLINK.

Below is the page for Policy of privacy of Stripe.

As a client of BTS-SHORTLINK, you can request the deletion of registered cards writing an email to Contact.

Due to the security offered by Stripe and 3DSecure, if your card is not registered with Stripe, it will be because It has a high level of fraud. In that case, contact your bank.


BTS-SHORTLINK, reserves the right to apply and modify the prices in force at any time for the services offered.

Cancellation of the service

Any user can request the cancellation of any contracted service by sending an email to Contact, at least 15 days in advance.

Failing to do so, BTS-SHORTLINK, reserves the right to make the necessary charges until said service is unsubscribed.


BTS-SHORTLINK, reserves the exclusive right not to make any refund for any of the contracted services. In order to make use of all the tools and/or resources offered by BTS-SHORTLINK, said payment must be made in advance.

All products contracted in BTS-SHORTLINK, are digital.